Showcase your outdoor service or adventure by capturing it in HD! Take your target audience on an exciting excursion. Show them exactly what type of adventure and quality of experience they will have by selecting your company.


Let us get a new perspective of your place of business or event. With our FAA Commercial Drone License, we can legally put eyes in the sky that will play back at 1080p and 4k! For flights over bodies of water, additional charges may apply.


Are you holding an event that you want to broadcast to the world? We can help you with that. Using top notch broadcasting systems, we can set up a broadcasting booth at your event and embed the feed directly to your website! These types of productions do take time, so pre-event set up and testing is required.


Represent your brand appropriately by creating a visually appealing commercial that not only sells your product or service, but tells a story that your target audience can relate to and will remember. Quality is very important when creating a commercial for your company or product.


Reach your target audience more effectively by making your product or business feel alive. Show the viewers that your business is caring and personable. Take them on a day-in-the-life adventures from inside the workplace. Show them that your organization is a fun and caring environment, and explain why you do what you do.


If you have an amazing story, hobby, idea or passion that can’t be fully expressed through a shorter production.


Take your audience back to a specific event or show the world what they missed. Event videos are very open-ended and can range from weddings to trade shows to conferences. Contact us for pricing.


Pre-event videos that are designed to market that specific event. Show your target audience where this event is taking place, who will be attending the event, who will be speaking at the event, and what exhibits will be available at the event.


Show your target audience how to use your product, or how to do something more effectively and efficiently.  These video’s are very popular among consumers because it allows them to witness, first hand, what it is they are trying to accomplish.


This type of video is completely created and controlled by you!  Want a professional video of a special family event, birthday, wedding, or tradition? Do you want to film an autobiography for future generations of your family to be able to watch?  You’re the director, we just bring the cameras.

Product or Business

This type of production combines the best aspects of a commercial, testimonials and product review to create a powerful, fun and informative narrative. Successful promotional videos are fast moving and easy to watch, yet touch on important topics and answer basic questions about your product or company.

Product Review

Unless your product under review is a blog, there is no reason to watch a video of someone sitting at a desk reading one.  Send us your product. We will take it out into its specific field of use and do our best to SHOW your target audience exactly what they need to see.  We will also publish a product blog and give your product an honest review.


Do you have a message that needs to be shared with the public?  This is your opportunity to do just that.  Let us help you create the appropriate feel and emotion for the story by using our professional lighting equipment and editing software.

Real Estate

Paint a picture of the property through creative angles, lighting, and film techniques.  Professionally produced virtual tours that compliment a very colorful and descriptive collection of images is essential in property productions.

Social Media

Although most video formats are compatible with social media platforms such as Facebook, other EXTREMELY popular platforms such has Instagram and Twitter have size and time restrictions.  These videos are produced specifically to fit on these platforms.

Speaches & Presentations

Put your presentation or topic online and share your thoughts with the world.  If you have an important piece to speak on or a valuable tool to showcase, turn it into a powerful narrative that you can easily distribute.

Talking Head

A talking head is an interview style “stand up” of an individual. These are usually quick bio’s or welcoming introductions to put on your homepage of your business website or social media platforms.

Teaching, Demos, & Webinars

Do you have a skill that people would pay to learn?  Put it on a DVD or sell a digital version online!  These types of videos are great for showcasing a specific skill or speaking on a specific topic.  DVD creation is available upon request for a small additional fee.


Powerful tool for providing social proof.  Show your target audience that others have had positive experiences while working with you and/or your company/organization.  Great way to establish professional credibility.

Virtual Tours

Take your target audience on an in-depth tour of your place of business and show them why they should pay you a visit.  Introduce them to your staff and show them everything your place of business has to offer.